Eastham Woods Boarding Cattery


The accommodation provided at Eastham Woods is quite exceptional. The cattery comprises 24 Double Chalets, which can accommodate up to two cats from the same family, and 6 Family Chalets which can accommodate up to four cats from the same family. We have removable panels between two of our chalets which allows a family of up to six cats to be accommodated together.


All the chalets are totally separated from each other by either two foot 'sneeze gaps' or full height 'sneeze panels' so that cats in neighbouring chalets cannot touch each other and risk the spread of disease.


Equipped to the very highest standards, each of the chalets has individual lighting and thermostatically controlled heating. This allows us to vary the temperature of each chalet to suit individual cat's needs, especially kittens, convalescing and older cats. The chalets are naturally ventilated to ensure the indoor areas are kept fresh, but they are also fully insulated and weatherproof to keep them warm in winter and cool in summer.


Each of the chalets is equipped wth several shelves at different heights, opening windows, beds and fresh, clean vet bedding, a scratch post, litter tray and litter, feeding and water bowls and toys.


We encourage you, however, to bring your cat's own bed, and/or favourite blanket and any toys, as familiar smells will help your cat settle in. 



All the chalets look out onto beautiful gardens with mature trees and shrubs and feeding stations to attract insects, birds and squirrels. We are here to pamper your cat and make him/her feel at home. We spend time every day grooming your cat and encouraging activity and play.......and, of course, cuddles are in abundance! We provide brushes and combs for grooming but, if you prefer, you can bring your own.

Inside a ChaletMika's Play TimeChalets overlook the mature gardenInternational Cat Care

Licenced and rated as a 5 star cattery by Wirral Borough Council

A luxury holiday experience......it's what your cat deserves!